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500 Iraq Dinars X 1000 pcs = 1/2 (Half) Million Iraqi Dinars

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500 Iraq Dinars X 1000 pcs = 1/2 (Half) Million Iraqi Dinars
500 Iraq IQD
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Offering a bundle of 1,000 pieces of the NEW 500 Iraqi Dinars in perfect UNCirculated crisp condition. Total of 1/2 (Half) Million Dinars. 

See image for illustration of security features. All notes are 100% genuine. 

Front: Ducan Dam: The dam is located by Al Zab dowside river within Sulaimania governorate ,it is 70 KM to the north west of Sulaimania city.Dam Type: A bowed concrete construction its half diameter is 120 M , its top length 360 M . at a width of 8.4 M . Overall Storage Capacity : 6.8 Billion cubic meter. 

Back:  Winged Bull : It is a huge statue with a length of 4.42 M weighs more than 10 tons one of the two guards one of the wall doors of the dur shrokeen city which was founded by the Assyrian king Surjoon the second (721- 705 B.C.) which sinhareb , surjoon's son has abandoned and transferred the Capital to Ninava city.

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